About Icecream:

Have you ever had the experience where you eat the same food every day from the same place and then one day you realize that it doesn't taste the same? Like the quality has slowly deteriorated over time and you look back and you don't even know when the change happened, but you wish you had stood up and said "I want the quality of ice cream that I have been taking for granted and I want my kids to enjoy ice cream the way I did!"
Here's a song about being fed the same ice cream every day. There are three pitches that start out as a C Major triad. Who doesn't like C major?! The quality and flavor of the ice cream slowly morphs over time until it becomes an unrecognizable blob of over-sweet mush. Poor ice cream. 🙁

Track Credits:

Recorded on Kihei, HI on 7/19/19


Song Title: Icecream

ISRC Code: QMDF81900015

BPM: 120

Length: 4:17

Artist: Joel Laviolette

Composer: Joel Laviolette

Publisher: Joel Laviolette Publishing

Cleared For Licensing: Yes