Demos: Annie St. Blues

About Demos: Annie St. Blues:

From a 2009 experiment in writing a song a day.


Just like the wheels of a car-it keeps spinning
We think we're on top and it rolls back again.
I'm right, your wrong, I'm right
I'm wrong, you're right, I'm right
I'm Wrong, you're right, I'm right, you're wrong you're right I'm right You're Wrong
Home is the place we've got to get along every day.
You know this home-it's the place we've got to come together at the end of every day.
I say fathers and mothers-we've got to look at our children and see the things they see.
'Cause these things I do to you and these things you do to me....are the things they see.

Track Credits:

Unreleased demo.


Song Title: Demos: Annie St. Blues

ISRC Code: QMDF81700006


Length: 3:50

Artist: Joel Laviolette

Composer: Joel Laviolette

Publisher: Joel Laviolette Publishing

Cleared For Licensing: Yes