Where I’m At

–Joel Laviolette

Cleared for licensing: Yes  

Tags: African, Ambient, Contemplative, Cue, Downtempo, Electronic, Hans Zimmer, Lo-Fi, Mbira, Modular Synth, Sound Design, Vocals, Wistful

About Where I’m At:

SXSW 2019

This is a live and unedited recording.
No music was prepared in advance. We
collectively wrote this music together.
It’s called “Where I’m At”.

Throughout the performance, the
audience was given my cell phone
number and invited to call and
contribute. Their voices were routed
to my modular synth and added to the
score in real time.

The setup was an Ableton Push2
running in to the laptop. The cell
phone was connected directly to the
modular and that ran in to Ableton.
I played the mbira live and then added
other layers of mbira live. All other
instruments were played or triggered
from the Push using various soft synths
and sample libraries.

Unfortunatly the first 15 minutes of
the set were lost because I ran out of
hard drive space and my computer
crashed on stage. A few minutes later,
We started back up and this is the
second wave.

Enjoy, and thank you for listening


Track Credits:

Recorded live at SXSW 2019 in Austin, TX 3/13/19


Song Title: Where I’m At

ISRC Code: QMDF81900009

BPM: 107

Length: 26:04

Artist: Joel Laviolette

Composer: Joel Laviolette

Publisher: Joel Laviolette Publishing

Cleared For Licensing: Yes