Pärt Inspired

–Joel Laviolette

Cleared for licensing: No  

Tags: Ambient, Contemplative, Cue, Downtempo, Electronic, Hans Zimmer, Lo-Fi, Modular Synth, Sound Design

About Pärt Inspired:

A Modular Synth piece inspired by Arvo Pärt's minimalist tintinnabuli technique. The piece starts with a whole note played with one voice. Then a quarter note in a different voice is played before the next whole note. Each measure adds a new quarter note until the measure contains 7 quarter notes and a whole note. The piece then works it's way back down to a single whole note and starts back over. The melodic structure is working with variations of triad that evolve over time. The triads are controlled by my manual input in the quantizer.

Voices: Two Spectrum VCOs sending sine waves, DIY Radio music playing filtered and modulated vocal samples.
Sequencers: DIY Klee and Circadian Rhythms
Delays, reverbs, etc: Chronoblob, DIY Echo, Envelope follower -> disting delay
Lots of various clock and modulation sources, attenuators, etc.
Tracked in to Cubase and mixed there. Some DAW processing was done-compression, sidechaining, etc. Clocking was sent from Reaktor in to Expert sleepers and clocking the modular. Outboard processing on the bass synth relied heavily on the 1176 and API 560 to sculpt the sound.


Audio samples taken from an interview with Bob Marley, and from the film Fear And Loathing. Samples are not cleared, and so this piece is not available for licensing.


Song Title: Pärt Inspired

ISRC Code: QMDF81800013

BPM: Varies

Length: 8:45

Artist: Joel Laviolette

Composer: Joel Laviolette

Publisher: Joel Laviolette Publishing

Cleared For Licensing: No