Texas Cotton

–Joel Laviolette

Cleared for licensing: Yes  

Tags: Contemplative, Cue, Flute, Guitar, Orchestral, Sound Design, Strings, Underscore, Western

About Texas Cotton:

A cue from the movie Texas Cotton. I was given the raw video to score in a Film Composition class. I wanted to write a theme for the sheriff-using classic western sounds-flutter-tongue flute (an homage to Ennio Morricone) and a twangy guitar. The cue progresses to a jail scene where the music is used to build the tension. Finally, we are left with the face of the sheriff and his theme plays.

Track Credits:

From the film Texas Cotton by Tyler Russell.


Song Title: Texas Cotton

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Length: 2:07

Artist: Joel Laviolette

Composer: Joel Laviolette

Publisher: Joel Laviolette Publishing

Cleared For Licensing: Yes